Hair stylist Zena Kitt provides a number of in-home or at the salon hair care services for women, men, and teenagers of all ethnicities. Below is a list of hair care services.

Six Week Special!

Touch up, relaxer, wash, conditioner, cut , blow dry, and five week maintenance consisting of wash, conditioner, blow, and style.

Whole package deal: $565 (save $210 for the month).

Here’s how it works: You will be given a card to bring during your six-week special. You must use the package for the six-week regiment.  The package expires at the end of the six-week period. Package may be purchased every six weeks. Call, text, or email to schedule your appointment!

Price List

Wash & Blow-Dry — $65.00 and Up
Wash & Blow-Cut — $70.00 and Up


Women's Cut — $50.00
Men's Cut — $35.00


Leave In — $10.00
Cholesterol Treatment — $15.00

Hair Nutrients

Hair Mask — $25.00
Conditioners for Damaged and Extremely Dry Hair — $35.00

Color Treatment

Single Process — $95.00
Double Process — $150.00 to $300.00
Full Highlights — $250.00 to $300.00
Gloss — $40
Rinse — $65
Demi — $85


Sodium — $125
Keratin — $150